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The Cairo Chapter is seeking sponsors to expand its community activities


Hosting or Sponsoring an IIBA Cairo Chapter Event


If your institution or you personally wish to help the mission of the IIBA Cairo Chapter by hosting or sponsoring one of its events, please review the following guidelines and contact the chapter at
The host or sponsor is expected to provide a hall that can comfortably accommodate at least 35 to 40 attendees. On the event day, access to the room must be allowed to the chapter coordinators at least an hour before the event start time.
If the sponsor will reserve a room outside their own premises, payment should be directly made to the party renting the room. The chapter does not get involved in the financial transaction.
The host or sponsor may also optionally help with:

  • A projector for the presentations
  • Basic refreshments: Typically water, tea, coffee, juices, cake or cookies
  • Event brochure: The content will be provided by the chapter, the host or sponsor is expected to only graphically design it. The brochure must contain the correct IIBA Cairo Chapter logo and the host/sponsor logo. It must be made clear on the brochure that the host institution is the host or sponsor of the event.

Sponsorship/Hosting Benefits:
Sponsoring the IIBA Cairo Chapter is not only a venue to get involved and make a difference in the community as a social responsibility initiative, but is also an opportunity to receive recognition and immediate benefits, as follows:

  • Time will be provided during the event allowing a representative from your company to give a quick announcement about your company or specific recognition will be given by the meeting facilitator
  • Recognition as a supporter of the Business Analysis community in Egypt
  • Your company logo with a link to the company’s web site will be added to the chapter website and to the event brochure, which offers community visibility and recognition.

Note: The host/sponsor cannot impose topics or speakers on the hosted/sponsored event.

Thank you for supporting the Business Analysis community in Egypt!