Speaking at Chapter Events


Speaking at an IIBA Egypt Chapter Event

If you wish to participate in the chapter activities by speaking at one of the events that take place around the year, please carefully review the following procedure,

  1. Choose a topic
Speakers are expected to choose a topic that they have good scientific and experiential knowledge about, or to be willing to put the effort to research the topic. Generally, accepted topics are:
  • Topics that relate to the fields of Business Analysis or Requirements Engineering, as indicated in the IIBA Body of Knowledge® (BABOK®)
  • Topics that relate to soft skills and competencies necessary for BA work, as indicated in the IIBA Competency Model
  • Technical topics that relate to software development lifecycle, architecture, design and development, or testing
  • General related topics such as Business Process Engineering and Project Management


  1. Contact Us
The chapter will review the topic the speaker chooses and will look into the following factors to make the approval decision:
  1. The speaker’s seniority level
  2. Proficiency in the subject
  3. Presentation skills
  4. Language proficiency


  1. Topic Approval
If the chapter approves the topic, you will be assigned a slot in an event that is at least one month ahead to allow time for preparation.


  1. Presentation Preparation
  • The chapter expects the speaker to have a well-researched presentation and a professional presentation formatting. The speaker should take some time to read related material and begin the preparation, after this time he/she is supposed to notify the chapter coordinator of the time space needed for the presentation.
  • A draft of the presentation must be presented to the chapter coordinator at least 10 days before the event for review. The speaker will be requested to run a rehearsal before the event. The chapter will only approve the presentation if the topic is deemed well researched, understood, and presented. The final presentation must be sent to the chapter before the event.
Note: Speakers who have spoken at previous chapter events and received remarkable feedback from the audience may skip the rehearsal and present the presentation draft only.
  • The IIBA Egypt Chapter has a standard presentation template, and speakers are requested to use it with their presentations.


  1. Presentation
The speaker is expected to arrive at least one hour before the time of his/her presentation to avoid surprises. Please review the following guidelines:
  1. Keep in mind that you are speaking in an official IIBA event. Your presentation must be accurate and convey generally-approved standards, not your own views
  2. Project your voice to ensure all the audience can hear you
  3. If you are asked a question that you don’t know the answer for, you are expected to indicate so
  4. You are expected to finish on time and not exceed the time slot assigned to your presentation
  5. Stay focused on the topic of the presentation


  1. Receiving Feedback
After the presentation, the chapter solicits the feedback of the audience on the positive and negative aspects of your presentation. This feedback will be summarized and privately sent to the speaker.


Thank you for volunteering to speak at one of our events!